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Cordata Powder
Cordata Powder
Cordata Powder
Cordata Powder
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Cordata Powder

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Houttuynia cordata is a medicinal and edible herb with an aromatic smell that has long been used in Asia to treat pneumonia, hypertension, constipation, and hyperglycemia via detoxification, reduction of heat and diuretic action.

  • Convenient and natural
  • Natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Helps cleanse and detoxify the body
  • Supports immune health
  • Supports treatment of hemorrhoids
  • Supports treatment of constipation
  • Aids in treatment of kidney stones
  • 1% of the proceeds from your purchase is used to support environment, education and mental health initiatives through Green and Book Ambassadors.


100% from Houttuynia cordata

Serving suggestion:

Houttuynia Cordata GBA Nature is perfect for smoothies and vegetable juices, soups, salad dressing, cake, to create natural colour for food  and much more. For smoothies, take about 2g (0.07 oz.) of the powder into 200ml (6.76 fl. oz.) water or liquid and enjoy. 

Country of Origin

Responsibly made in Vietnam


By choosing a product of GBA you can contribute to an entire value chain which is not only the concept of being environmentally friendly but also actually acting, committing to building human values, fairness, love, culture, heritage, and equitably share opportunities.

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