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Sticky Brown Rice
Sticky Brown Rice
Sticky Brown Rice
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Sticky Brown Rice

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Thau Dau Nam Dinh sticky brown rice is an ancient sticky rice variety that has been cultivated by the people for a long time, husk and keep the bran shell intact (rich in vitamins and trace elements). Thau Dau Nam Dinh sticky brown rice is a glutinous rice variety with large, round, white and beautiful rice seeds.

  • A proudly Vietnamese agricultural product
  • Sun dried
  • Pure Vegan protein, high fibre
  • Naturally gluten free & cholesterol free, balanced
  • Organically oriented planting and care
  • Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals


100% from Thau Dau Nam Dinh sticky brown rice

Serving suggestion:

Use Thau Dau sticky brown rice to make cooked rice, cakes, porridge, or eat with soy sauce to bring out the sweet, rich and aromatic flavor.

Country of Origin

Responsibly made in Vietnam


By choosing a product of GBA you can contribute to an entire value chain which is not only the concept of being environmentally friendly but also actually acting, committing to building human values, fairness, love, culture, heritage, and equitably share opportunities.

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