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Our History


Welcome to GBA Nature

At GBA Nature we share love and inspiration for a healthy inside out and colorful life and the connection between life stories with the beauty of nature-society-mind, through quality products, gifted by the diversity in the natural ecosystem and colorful cultural heritage in Vietnam.

Our mission throughout our efforts are guided by several core philosophies: Energy - Creativity - Color - Cultural Heritage - Healthy Inside and Out - Comprehensive Knowledge - Conquering the Limits - Humanity and Social Contributions. As we grow, these values ​​keep us steadfast in our goals and endeavors.

Natural and Simple

In order to create products that make a positive impact with a holistic effect, we cultivate relationships with the farmers, our supply partners, those who work with us, our customers, the earth and the surrounding community. In addition, we also cooperate with our network who share the same efforts towards our values ​​in all comprehensive aspects.

With ingredients selected carefully, in a participatory manner, efforts are directed towards organic and sustainable farming or organic harvesting in the wild.Or work with farmers, small households, where we can share with difficult situations, inspire women, contribute to improving education and contributing initiatives for community.

Every step of the process is completed with love, sincerity. Each product tells a life stories of the farmers growing it, further attaching us to the soul of the land and the people living there.

Letter from our founders

I think GBA Nature is not only a brand of natural and organic products, but more than that, it is love, energy, real understanding without judgment, connecting the distance in our hearts, conquer limits, challenges and contribute to life every day from the smallest things. That's the message I want to say, I have faith and encouragement for everyone I meet, believing that you can write great books on every page of your life, and be yourself, feeling joy and happiness no matter how difficult or favorable, is the best version of yourself.



Our Vision

Our vision is to build and create a safe and trusting space to choose for health and moreover that is to contribute to the community as well as build sustainable value in every step of our business. constant process and creativity. Things that we always take as a guideline in everything we do:

We believe in the strength within each person, and give that belief to everyone.

Appreciate transparency and build trust.

Believe in understanding and knowledge to bridge the heart-to-heart gap.

Think positive things and see difficulties as challenges to conquer.

Appreciate both the perfect and the imperfect.

Understanding each life story, understanding from each point of the person's life journey from past to present and future.


GBA Standard

Social Impact


GBA Foundation