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Code of Practice

GBA Code of Practice

GBA Innovative with its projects always goes hand in hand with the following thoughts and philosophies.

GBA encourages a thorough, in-depth understanding of each member of GBA and the supply chain that GBA works with and applies in their day-to-day work, and implements oversight to ensure principles are This rule is maintained.

1. GBA Innovative with the projects it undertakes, adheres to the principles of fair trade and the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations.

2. We understand that perfection and imperfection are all part of life, but the most important thing is perseverance, continuous improvement every day, and great or great things come from small things. baby every day.

3. In work, GBA appreciates the following factors: Quality - Speed - Heart - Sincerity - Open-mindedness - Always providing solutions - Cooperation and coordination - Motivation - Appreciate even the smallest things great - honesty - frankly sharing when there is a problem, it is important to find a solution.

4. In the working process, troubles and difficulties are inevitable, emotional balance, understanding the emotional levels in yourself, colleagues, customers, partners, and people around will make a great contribution to creating a positive working environment, sharing and serving for good values.

5. GBA and its members join hands to protect the environment: not only words but also real actions in every small action every day are the core of effectiveness contributing to the green earth, from the roots and in each link of the supply chain, production, work, and operation management.

6. GBA promotes holistic knowledge and a spirit of dedication and service, encouraging holistic discovery in all areas: from discovering within yourself, philosophy, history, science, art, economic, political, social, intellectual, psychological, cosmological and other fields. GBA believes that comprehensive knowledge is one of the cores towards good things, the will to conquer challenges, creativity and understanding.

7. Special emphasis in the process of working with customers and partners for all departments: one of the principles is not to get angry, always respond to situations where customers or partners are upset and stress by being calm, polite, and apologetic and always saying that he will try to find the best solution and respond. The communication process and the answer is always a convergence of all factors: Not getting angry, always suggesting different solutions (here I want to emphasize on coordination, listening to those anger or concerns, understand and suggest action that is the solution). Because the core nature when people are not satisfied, or have any doubts, is that everyone wants to share that worry and GBA wants to really listen, be a real companion in both happy times, in even when angry or hateful, and understand the situation, the thoughts, or there must be some reason to worry, or everyone has their own heartache, complaining like that, or even unwarranted and gratuitous complaints.

8. At GBA, colleagues, team members and suppliers in the logistics chain or customers, state management agencies, investors, ... are all real friends. The relationship between individual to individual, individual to collective, and collective to collective is built by understanding, listening, serving wholeheartedly above expectations, prestige, saying is doing, doing. on time, achieving the set schedule and delivering results that exceed expectations for stakeholders.

9. Each member working at GBA is GBA itself in a harmonious relationship with society and with themselves, each individual makes up the GBA family, so every action, or expression, thought outside of the GBA family. you represent the GBA itself in terms of prestige, service, knowledge, efficiency, and everything in between. The organization's goals, mission, and vision will not be fully realized without the enthusiasm and dedication of each member of the organization at all stages and challenges along the way. go through or go to. GBA is founded by you, you create colors, maintain and develop each project, contributing to building a beautiful Vietnam and more broadly the world around.

Thank you for accompanying GBA and hope this inspires you to explore more life   journey experiences, discover yourself and connect with the world around you with a healthy and loving heart!