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Library of Emotion Life Story

"Start from the sympathy with difficult circumstances and the difficult feelings in life and the stumble and fall, that is how library of emotions project started in Hanoi, Vietnam. And with the complicated feelings and I don't remember clearly when may be in 2010, but I started the calculation and imagination that if invited each person in the world a cup of Vietnamese coffee and listen the life stories, share so passionate life stuffs with each other, and each cup of coffee cost 1 dollar, each person has an unique life stories, with the population of the world is 7.7 billions according the statistic which accumulate time by time new life stories coming. So it will take 7 billions dollars for coffee excluding traveling fees. Each time for example will take one hour spend with each other excluding traveling time, so it will take 7.7 billions hours. Each day spends 4 hours beside other work in life, if spend everyday, it will take 1925000000 days, each year has 365 days, so it will take 5273972 years. Each century is 100 years, so it will take 52739 centuries. So it total need 52739 centuries. I started my journey like that. I rewrote the stories and the feelings that I have a chance to listen and honor to hear with their own narratives so that I don't get my subjectivity falsifying the story. And when you read or listen to those stories of life, from different lenses of your own, in some part of the story you may put yourself in their own shoes to feel the state Different patterns of emotions, empathy for different moments in life, the distances from heart to heart become closer, someone lonely, someone shunned by society, someone emotional breakdown and sometimes feeling as if unable to recover and getting up, someone losing everything, pain, happiness, bound by limits, boundaries, consciousness, knowledge and things maybe inexpressible language. Somewhere in life, seeing certain parts of yourself in each of those life stories.