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GBA Standard

Love and thinking about working together to create values ​​for life from small to large, diversity, sustainability, trust, transparency are the reasons we start every project from day one and in everything we do. Join hands for a beautiful Vietnam and a colorful, colorful earth every day through quality, safe and effective products. These standards and philosophies contribute to the realization of our intentions and plans. As well as the value foundation that we apply in the process of working, researching, innovation and developing.

These standards and philosophies guide the development of our products now and in the future. These standards and philosophies are built with an open mind, constantly improving and evolving. Because the process of going from good to better and best to better is never-ending. 

To accomplish this mission, GBA strives to fulfill the following commitments:

Supply Chain

We are careful in the process of evaluating, building and validating ingredients, and we aim for manufacturing partners who share our commitment to quality, follow comprehensive manufacturing standards for products made.

In that supply chain, GBA Farm is a very important part, where we directly plant, care for, harvest and produce products according to strict procedures. This is also a model for GBA to replicate to different regions of Vietnam. We have been cooperating, building a program framework and seriously implementing it with our people, ensuring compliance with production standards at GBA, committing to the principles of fair trade.

Production Process

Building a production process that combines traditional methods, the warmth of hard work in a family atmosphere, respect for small scale, respect for the value of craftsmanship combined with the advancements of the industry, science, technology, research to strictly control to create products of high quality and consistency: 

GBA Nature creates a harmonious, synchronous production system that complies with Vietnamese and international standards in order to create quality natural products that are still imbued with the cultural identity of the regions of Vietnam.

Quality Management

The comprehensive performance of efforts on the processes: Evaluation of materials and ingredients: Sensitivity, exposure, final formulation (Research, evaluation, risk management).

Testing and validation: testing for safety, effectiveness, and integration elements.

Production: Document control and record keeping, Cleaning procedures for production lines, Safety procedures for production lines, Development of laboratory controls, Review of complaints Complaints about product quality

Packaging: We strive to improve recycling and reduce single-use packaging where possible to help reduce waste in landfills, manage carbon emissions (target zero carbon emissions).

Transparent label information

GBA is committed to complying with the labelling standards of creating products with green, safe, and highly responsible processes, spreading love to everyone in the value chain from production to each end consumer.

Take control of the regular and ongoing evaluation process

Product analysis: we analyze aspects such as how to protect production quality, effectiveness, product effects and good actions for the earth and green planet. We focus on ingredients and ingredient innovations, prioritize sustainable consumption, and focus on plant-based formulas.

Honesty, Transparency Goals: 

GBA believes that small actions make a big difference.

We work hard to create our products based on the value philosophies to which we are committed. However, we understand that comprehensive production is a very complicated process, in the production process there will be objective and subjective factors, and it is difficult to always eliminate them. Background contamination or cross-contamination is eliminated. We work closely with our manufacturers to control this.

Building an inspiring and motivating working environment: 

GBA Nature creates an environment for disadvantaged individuals in society to participate in the product creation process, inspiring everyone to build a supply process with all enthusiasm and love. GBA believes that on that journey, we have all given each other the opportunity to understand ourselves and be sympathetic with each other. GBA also listens and understands better, to weave a colorful picture at GBA.

Community Contribution: 

Joining hands for a beautiful Vietnam and a colorful, colorful earth every day is a program organized in projects that contribute to our community. Sharing and contributing to life's values ​​has always been part of our mission.

Together for a beautiful, colorful Vietnam and the world day by day by social contribution activities: GBA Nature commits to contribute 1% of the annual revenue to carry out community activities at the non-profit project through the non-profit organization Green and Book Ambassadors. We act on challenging issues of society including: environment, education, inspire reading, mental and emotional health, fair sharing of opportunities, giving a hand in difficult circumstances. And we make efforts in our fund to act on scholarships, support scientific research activities, contribute to support in projects with other social impact projects or charitable efforts.

These standards define how we strive everyday, and the steps with all the products we have introduced, and which will be introduced in the near future. We will continue to update it along with our evolution - because the process of making better and better products is a process and endless efforts day by day.

Thank you for accompanying GBA and hope this inspires you to explore more life journey experiences, discover yourself and connect with the world around you with a healthy and loving heart!