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Book Tree Library

Book Tree Library has a history of formation in 2012 at the National Economics University dormitory. Book Tree Library was born by the following lines of thinking:

  • As an idea to share books and comprehensive, in-depth knowledge with friends, orphans, small villages and everyone around them to contribute to fill the gap in understanding each other from our hearts and our soul
  • A place to feel, listen to real life stories in colorful life, and write in your own book to add creative stories.
  • A book tree, a place to explore the pages of the immense earth and take action to protect and cherish the green planet.
  • It is a place that nurtures energy and dreams, while conquering difficulties and challenges everyday.

A Book Tree Library is a mini free library - a tree that provides shade, knowledge and connection between man and nature which we install in neighborhoods, schools, orphanages, or anywhere where more access to books are needed. The mini library gives people a place to donate books, as well as to find a new book to read. Anyone can take a book or leave an old book for someone else to enjoy.

We make Book Tree Library as a gift to schools, villages, orphanages, cities & anywhere to inspire reading, inspire sharing books & love, growing up with dreams, cherish the soul, take action for a green planet, paint more colors in life, be more creative, and build friendships.

It is our goal to install 50 000 book houses around the world, while providing education with each Book Tree Library installation. Our Book Tree Library can be sponsored by an organization/community/ individual who would like to have one in their community.