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Soap Nut Powder
Soap Nut Powder
Soap Nut Powder
Soap Nut Powder
Soap Nut Powder
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Soap Nut Powder

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Soap nuts contain an active ingredient called saponin, which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and cleansing effects, especially contributes to the treatment of scalp fungus. Additionally, the composition of flavonozites, including saponaretin, is one of the effective hair loss and dandruff prevention blends for hair. Soapnuts help black and shiny hair. The soap nuts are carefully selected by GBA Nature, dried, peeled, and then hand-rolled and ground into a fine powder to bring the best quality.

  • Supports healthy and shiny hair care
  • Good for people who are allergic to chemicals
  • Supports hair growth and nourishes hair


100% from soap nuts

Serving suggestion:

Soak about 5g (0.18oz) powder with 1 liter (33.8 fl. Oz) of boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Then, mix water to get a suitable temperature, and gently massage into hair, hair roots, and scalp. Squeeze half a lemon into the mixed water . Then rinse off with cool water. Repeat for a second time and rinse well while enjoying the fresh aroma which lasts.

Country of Origin

Responsibly made in Vietnam


By choosing a product of GBA you can contribute to an entire value chain which is not only the concept of being environmentally friendly but also actually acting, committing to building human values, fairness, love, culture, heritage, and equitably share opportunities.

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